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Full Motion Home and Property Videos

Full-motion aerial and land-based video outside and throughout the home. Flying around the outside of a home captures it in a unique perspective and allows a glimpse of the surrounding neighborhood. Then, take your clients on a full moving tour of the inside of the home, through every major room, including every special feature - whatever you choose.


  • One unbranded, fully-produced video with music (licensed for your project), attractive titles, and captions with details about the home – unbranded for MLS listings. (Branded versions of the video may include customizable titles, your logo, contact info, social links – anything you’d like – see "Add Branding" below!)

    • Video uploaded to Vimeo for easy embedding into your MLS listing!

    • Video also uploaded to Facebook, with tags to your own profile if you would like – share it easily on your own timeline. Need other social platforms? Just ask!

  • Video uploaded directly to Zillow. Millions of buyers shop on Zillow, and listings with videos on Zillow are prioritized by their search algorithm!

  • Optional: ADD a Virtual Tour web page exclusive to your MLS listing, with your video and listing description.

Add Branding

In addition to your unbranded public MLS video, you might need the extra marketing reach that a branded video gives. We’ll add your name, agency, logo, contact information, website - whatever you want - throughout your video.


  • A second, branded version of your video

  • If you have chosen to add a Virtual Tour page to your package, and you add a branded video, you will receive a second, special version of your Virtual Tour page! This branded tour page includes your branded video, all of your contact information, and an online form for prospective clients to fill out - the form results are emailed to you immediately!

 3D Virtual Tours with Matterport 3D


  • Full 3D scan of the inside of the listing

    • Additional 360 scans outside the listing where appropriate (front curb, back yard, etc.)

  • Virtual walk-through of the listing (works on smartphones, computers, even VR goggles!)

    • "Tag" up to 10 items inside the virtual listing with extra descriptions, if you'd like!

  • Full set of photos (curb view, all major rooms, offices, bathrooms, living areas, etc.)

  • Public and Private Virtual Tour pages to host the virtual walkthrough, all photos, and any other listing-related assets purchased (such as a Highlight Video, ordered separately).

    • Private page includes agent contact information embedded in the 3D tour, plus the agent's photo, contact information, and a contact form. (Linked on MLS, picked up by,,

  • Hosted online as long as you need it - The virtual walkthrough (hosted by Matterport) and the Virtual Tour pages (hosted by Fort Silence Studio) will remain online as long as the listing is active, and represented by the agent who purchased the package. (If the same agent needs to remove and re-list with a different MLS number, we will make any changes necessary to the page URL/address and continue to provide hosting at no additional charge.)

Add-ons available:

  • Schematic floor plans (This requires that all areas that need to appear on the map will be scanned, even if they are not included in the virtual tour - map available 3 days after model is final and approved)

  • Include short highlight videos inside the virtual model, such as a burning fireplace, pool fountains, and aerial footage

  • Include the agent, in video form, inside the virtual model, talking about the home

  • Aerial photography: Includes several aerial photos of the home and property from various positions and angles

  • Add a 1-minute Home Highlight Video at a $50 discount! Includes titles, music, and both branded and un-branded versions, plus hosting on your virtual tour pages

Real Estate Photography - from land and air!

We offer complete real estate photography services - including aerial drone photography. Book your photography at the same time as your video shoot to receive a discount, and save the hassle of scheduling multiple shoots!


  • Aerial photography of the outside of the home and property, wherever possible

  • Standard photography, inside and outside the home

  • Photos of all main areas, rooms, bathrooms, and special features

  • If you have chosen to add a Virtual Tour page to your package, all of your photos are added to the Virtual Tour page in an attractive gallery format