Exclusive Rights and Usability Option

When booking a video shoot, you may elect to include the "EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AND USABILITY" add-on, which will guarantee the following:

  • No mention of Fort Silence Studio will appear in the video

  • The final video becomes the exclusive property of the client, including all copyright, media and broadcast rights in perpetuity.

  • Documents that license the music to the video will be transferred to the client along with the final version of each video.

  • The footage captured during the shoot and used to create the video will never appear in any other project created by Fort Silence Studio, or displayed in any venue, and will only be kept in accordance to internal archival policies. (Used and unused raw video footage will never be transferred to any client unless that is specifically contracted and paid for in advance.)

  • The video will never be distributed by Fort Silence Studio in any way, and there will be no attempt by Fort Silence Studio or it's employees to proactively credit any appearance of the video to Fort Silence Studio (such as through online comments where the video appears).

The cost for this add-on will be an additional 50% added of the cost of the video package itself, and will be applied before the invoice is transmitted. (If photos are included in a package, they will not be included in the additional markup.)

As an example, for a basic Home and Property Video that costs $400 (including all video-related add-ons, such as “branding”), the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AND USABILITY add-on would add $200 to the price, and the video will become the property of the client forever, exclusively, in perpetuity, and free of all future claims.